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 Regular Membership - any firm or corporation which is a) engaged in the sale, installation, replacement, or repair of glass products, including but not restricted to architectural glass, auto glass, mirrors and leaded glass; or b) conducting business as glazing contractor. A regular member must maintain glass industry equipment prod-ucts or supplies, have an established commercial location where business is transacted; maintain proper books of accounts and records; and be registered where required by law. Your dues include division dues, NGA member discounts and membership in Texas Construction Association (TCA). Mark your type of business and the percent in that area:

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 Associate Membership - any individual firm or corporation engaged in the distribution, manufacturing, and/or fabrication of glass products or involved in an industry business closely allied to the glass product industry and which does not qualify for regular membership. Includes manufacturers representative.

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Additional Locations: $150.00 for additional locations. Copy and complete an application for each additional location.

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